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 “A little consideration, a little thought, for others makes all the difference.”- A.A. Milne

On this journey of owning a company, we have had the pleasure of connecting with people who make our world brighter and spread love in all its forms. Two tenants of FOUND we discerned over a nice bottle of wine:  


We proudly commit to supporting organizations who spread love in all its shapes and forms. With each event we will select an organization to raise awareness and support. We will continue this tradition with each collection and look forward to supporting the causes near and dear to us and to our gracious hosts as well.  




We will seek out artisans who empower women and strengthen their local communities. We are constantly gobsmacked with the tiny corners of the world that create stunning pieces with dignity, pride, and skill. These are the companies we will seek when finding treasures to present to you. When possible... fashion with a conscience.