Sisters by birth...best friends by choice. 
"Our history is from California to islands off Portugal to the Lowcountry of South Carolina.  We share a lifelong eye for hunting the piece that makes you grab your sister's wrist...no words needed...just the look.  You've seen it...the one that says, this is SO good.  Now, we want to share our treasure hunt with you."              



FOUND collection est. 2016
Sisterhood est. a long time ago



The two unintentionally started FOUND in 2016, and it started with a single bag. Christi was pondering her oldest son’s graduation from high school and what her next phase would look like. By chance, they were in New York and met two sisters from Colombia, South America, who were promoting their fledgling business helping the women of their country. They shared their beautiful, handwoven Wayuu bags and explained how it takes a village woman up to one month to create.  The sisters were moved and decided to support them by placing an order on the spot. Then they looked at each other and said, “Now what?!” After searching for other special items to add to the first trunk show, it was obvious they were on the hunt and were finding treasures from around the world.



FOUND's focus remains with artisans and designers who empower women and strengthen their local community. Tracy and Christi are continually gobsmacked with the tiny corners of the world that create stunning pieces with dignity, pride, and skill. They are lucky enough to have designers recommend FOUND to their fellow artists, and the FOUND family network expands. With each season, the two try to bring something new and unique at all price points to the collection.  The most recent curation includes pieces from our travels to South Africa, Paris, Barcelona, Ischia, Rome and Scotland.




It’s really the concept of small-batch shopping opportunities. They find interesting pieces and want  FOUND clients to have a chance to find a treasure for themselves.  Friends graciously host the trunk shows in their homes providing a warm, edited, supportive shopping experience. The company is fortunate to have brand ambassadors that travel to each event helping with everything from steaming to styling the collection to check out.  It is truly a family.




Part of FOUND's mission is to spread a little kindness and give back along the way. They proudly commit to supporting organizations who spread love in all its shapes and forms. With each show, a local charitable organization is selected to raise awareness for and support. Combine that with some of the initial buys from designers who are giving back on their own, and the sisters feel like we’re doing something in our own small way to make the world a better place. Friends, old and new, come to find meaningful pieces to keep in their closets for years to come, all the while knowing that purchases give back. 


 dream big. work hard. be kind. give back. have fun.

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From day one, we have sought small, independent women designers When women thrive, their communities thrive. On our travels, we are constantly gobsmacked by the tiny corners of the world where artists create stunning pieces with dignity, pride and skill.

FOUND x i=Change

FOUND x i=Change

FOUND is excited to partner with i=Change to donate $1 of every sale to a life-changing project and the best part... you choose where it goes!

We are proud to expand how we use our platform for positive change. We have carefully selected these three causes, helping women, helping our planet.

i=Change has a complete transparency policy so you are guaranteed your donation reaches the charity of your choice.



We proudly commit to supporting organizations who spread love in all its shapes and forms. With each event we select a local organization to raise awareness and support.

We continue this tradition with each collection and look forward to supporting the causes near and dear to us and to our gracious hosts as well.